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Artist background

Ibrahim Gailani is a self-taught contemporary artist of Pakistani decent who moved to Dubai, U.A.E in 1979 at the age of 5 years. He did his primary & secondary education in UAE and has been living in Gulf countries most of his life, from U.A.E to Kuwait, and for 12 years in Muscat, Oman.

Gailani started his professional carrer in 2010 with the “Gailani Art Studio” participating in Art Exhibitions and founding the “Gailani Art Retreat”. A creative getaway of self-expression using painting and music. The retreats engaged more than 900 participants over 60 art retreats since its inception. Gailani’s paintings are exhibited in the Middle-East, Europe & North America.

His recent work is known for its pop-art inspired portraits with street graffiti lettering. He has had over 21 International Art Exhibitions in the past 11 years, winning 2 International Art Awards – 2 in New York , U.S.A , and 2 in Vancouver, Canada

In September 2016 his work exhibited in New York Coffee Art Festival won the Visitor Choice Award. The same month he published his book “Gailani - An Artistic Journey” - A memoir of his life story told through paintings. In December 2017 his painting “The Refugee” won the Jury word for 3rd Annual “Show Your World Art Competition” showcased at Gallery MC, New York City. He was also awarded Best International Artist at Art Vancouver in 2018. In December 2018 he debuted his art work at Red Dot Miami during the Art Basel Week., and then at Art Wynwood in February 2019. He also won Best International “Artist of Honor” at Campbell River Winter Art Festival, British Columbia, Canada in November 2018. Gulf News of Dubai did a special feature on Gailani with the title “Artist Puts Oman on the Global Stage”

In June 2020 his work was published in the “Art of Sherlock Holmes” - Global Edition 2 becoming one of 13 international artists featuring there.
During the pandemic lockdowns Ibrahim Gailani launched a video Web-Series “Art-Beats” that interviewed artist and showcased art activities to motivate people in challenging times. This series was a huge success on all social media platforms click here

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Art Portfolio

Gailani’s Past Exhibitions

Welcome to Gailani's Past Exhibition! Step into a captivating world of art as we unveil a collection of mesmerizing artworks. Learn more about the artist's background and explore the techniques they employ to bring their art to life.

Gailani’s Global Exhibitions

Embark on an artistic journey across the globe, discovering captivating masterpieces that showcase Gailani's unique style and creative vision. Explore diverse themes, venues, and techniques celebrated internationally.

News Articles

Gailani's artistry captivates headlines worldwide, with news articles showcasing their exceptional talent. Discover their creative process, groundbreaking exhibitions, and unique style. Stay connected to the ever-evolving art world with the latest Gailani news.

Art For CSR Initiative & Charity

Gailani's art goes beyond aesthetics, embracing a deeper purpose through CSR initiatives and charity work. With a strong commitment to social responsibility, Gailani utilizes their artistic talent to make a positive impact on society.


  • Testimonial A

    "Bold, captivating and in your face are some of the words used to describe Gailani’s work. Not known for being subtle, his canvas always makes a statement. Whether you love it or hate it aesthetically, you can’t walk past one of his works and hot have an opinion about it." Mobeen Mathews, Times of Oman

  • Testimonial B

    "His artistic quest is well complimented by his rich ethnic background – father from Iraq, mother form Hyderabad, and grandmother from Kabul. This culturally rich background has instilled a strong spiritual essence in him and his work." Julie Fontes, FACES Magazine

  • Testimonial C

    "Gailani has been pursuing art as a form of catharsis and expunging his demons. His artistic journey, which began as a deeply introspective soul-searching exercise has now turned into an outward-looking one." Priyanka Sacheti, Y-Oman Magazine

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